Genesee County Financial Fraud Attorneys

People who face allegations of embezzlement are people who have been entrusted with money that does not belong to them, including employees, bookkeepers, accountants and managers of trusts. Allegations revolve around redirecting money for personal use. Accusations could simply involve an employee taking money from a cash register. They could also be much more complex and involve diverting funds into a personal bank account.

These are serious theft charges that must be fought. The repercussions of a conviction are not only fines and incarceration, but potentially serious damage to your career.

Overcome Embezzlement Charges With Michigan Lawyers

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Challenging Circumstantial Evidence in Embezzlement Cases

Our lawyers are experienced in reviewing all evidence involved in embezzlement cases. We know that, in many situations, evidence is circumstantial. This is evidence that is not truly backed up by proven facts. There may be a great deal of documentation and paperwork, but none of it may actually show without reasonable doubt that embezzlement was committed.

We will challenge all circumstantial evidence. We will challenge the amount that was allegedly taken. We will challenge the circumstances of the alleged theft. We will do everything we can to make your innocence clear and prevent a conviction.

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