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On Behalf of | May 30, 2013 | Uncategorized

Once a Michigan resident has made the decision to file for personal bankruptcy, they may feel overwhelmed with the steps that must be taken, and unsure of where to begin. The first step is to find an attorney who will guide you through the process, and this can be far more involved than simply selecting a name from a basic web search or online directory. The decision will affect the entire Chapter 7 process, as a consumer will need to communicate with their attorney throughout the bankruptcy process.

Trust is a major component of selecting a bankruptcy attorney. Ideally, an individual or family will be taking advantage of the advice offered throughout the process, and making decisions and changes that are suggested by their legal counsel. Without beginning the process with a solid foundation of trust, filers can easily become disenchanted with the process and feel powerless to make the changes necessary for future financial success.

In order to establish a good working relationship, the best approach is to make appointments with several attorneys and sit down to go over the process. A good attorney will ask questions about an individual’s current financial scenario and their future goals. In some cases, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may not be the best solution, and the attorney may suggest alternative debt reduction options. If an individual has found an attorney they trust, taking those suggestions is an easier leap of faith.

As with any significant working relationship, it is important to select a Michigan attorney with whom one feels comfortable. This is an individual who will be delving into one’s personal financial history in order to complete a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, and trust is a key component of a successful outcome. The filer must be able to not only share the details of his or her current financial standing, but also how the situation came to be. In this way, the attorney can make suggestions for the future that can lead to a greatly improved financial outlook.

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