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On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Uncategorized

No resident of Michigan wants to think about their identity being stolen. Unfortunately for some residents, this form of theft is a reality. Imagine, one day beginning to receive multiple calls from debt collectors with no understanding as to why. Once an individual checks their credit in this situation, they realize that multiple credit card accounts have been opened in their name that they did not authorize. In a situation such as this, overwhelming credit card debt becomes unmanageable quickly and bankruptcy can become an option for getting out of the financial hole.

This is the unfortunate reality for one woman. She is currently attempting to rebuild her life after identity theft by filing for bankruptcy. Multiple calls daily from debt collectors became an incredibly stressful existence. The credit cards were illegally opened in her name; however, she was being held responsible for the debt which someone else accumulated. 

While identity theft does not happen to a lot of people, it is a crime that is becoming more common in today’s world of computers and technology. Credit cards can be acquired using someone else’s information and used to make extravagant purchases. Sometimes the person who has had their identity stolen does not know for weeks or months, allowing significant debt to accumulate.

Regardless of whether identity theft, poor money management or other issues are the cause of an individual spiraling into debt, there are always options to resolve financial issues. Bankruptcy can help alleviate overwhelming credit card debt and allow an individual to regain financial control. Those considering bankruptcy in Michigan due to identity theft can recover from the theft of their personal information by taking action through the appropriate court.


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