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On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Uncategorized

In some areas, the housing market seems to be on the incline. Unfortunately, for many people the improvement in the market comes far too late. Foreclosure is a looming reality for a lot of people in Michigan. In fact, foreclosure is such a widespread problem that even the Department of Defense has taken notice.

The Department of Defense recently announced that it would support legislation seeking to expand foreclosure protection for those military service members who are deployed. This foreclosure protection would also apply to disabled veterans and surviving spouses. For a surviving spouse to be eligible for protection, his or her service member must have passed away as a result of/during a time of active military service.

The legislation is called The Military Family Home Protection Act. The Act is specifically designed for military members. If approved, the legislation enforcing foreclosure protection for military members and their spouses, as well as veterans, would begin at the same time the military member’s hazardous pay – also known as imminent danger or hostile fire pay – begins. The protection would last for 12 months after hazardous duty pay ends. Obviously, different specifications are in place for protection offered spouses and veterans.

While this type of protection will be greatly beneficial for military service members who are facing foreclosure, or the imminent threat of foreclosure, members of the civilian population in Michigan are not necessarily afforded a similar luxury. In many cases, homeowners who are faced with foreclosure are at a loss as to where they should turn. In many cases, legal representation is the homeowner’s best hope for avoiding financial hardship.

Source: Army Times, “DoD supports expanded foreclosure protections for deployed troops,” Rick Maze, June 26, 2013

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