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On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

Although medical debt is often unanticipated and out of the control of the patient, bills still arrive and have to be paid. Medical debt remains a significant concern for many residents of Michigan who have to face the consequences of their medical treatment while trying to recuperate. There are some misconceptions about medical debt that may adversely affect consumers.

Many advocate prompt payment of medical bills,but this may deny you the opportunity to rectify any errors that may be present. It is not uncommon for administrative errors to appear on medical bills, and confirming each entry may be time consuming but vital. A hospital typically sends the bill to your medical insurance — where errors could also occur — before sending it to you. Careful checking of medical bills, and following up on errors may save you a substantial amount of dollars.

Do not expect to be warned before medical bills are handed over for collection. It is important to maintain communication with the person handling your account as partial payments will not prevent your account being sent for collection. Although the new FICO scoring system will not penalize people whose main source of unpaid debt is medical debt, unpaid medical bills in collections will continue to affect your credit score on a lesser scale.

Consumers in Michigan who are overwhelmed by their medical debt may benefit from consulting with an attorney who will explain how personal bankruptcy can protect you from harassment over unpaid medical bills. After assessing your individual circumstances, the available options will be explained and suggestions made as to the best way to proceed. A visit to our personal bankruptcy website may be a first step to a stable financial future.

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