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On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Every now and then, the financial stability of consumers is threatened by scammers who aim to separate consumers from their hard earned money. The Better Business Bureau issued a recent warning to Michigan consumers in Michiana after a consumer reported a new scam. Anything that sounds too good to be true is probably is just that and could bring about unanticipated credit card debt.

The woman reported being phoned by a man who knew her Social Security and credit card numbers, informing her that she was the winner of a large amount of money. In order to have the money paid into her account — and have the outstanding balance on her credit card paid off — she had to buy specific merchandise from Wal-Mart. The caller told her to purchase four laptops, along with two computer games, and donate the purchases to charity. He told her to be alone when she made the purchases and to call him afterward for details about the charity to whom she had to donate the goods.

Subsequently, the promised money was paid into her account, and the outstanding balance on her credit card was paid; however, it was found that the credit cards of other people were used to achieve this. When the other consumers noticed the unauthorized transactions, their funds were returned, leaving the scammed consumer with the credit card debt for the Wal-Mart purchases. The alleged scammer apparently has the laptops and computer games that were delivered to the non-existent charity organization. This consumer ended up with additional debt totaling about $1,200.

It is not uncommon for consumers with overwhelming credit card debt to be tempted by offers that appear to resolve their financial problems. Michigan consumers who have been the victims of financial scammers may benefit from seeking legal assistance without delay. Scams like the one above may be detrimental to individual credit ratings, and if a perpetrator is not caught, some consumers may benefit from considering the protection of personal bankruptcy protection as a responsible way of dealing with credit card debt that has quickly spiraled out of control.

Source:, “New phone scam promises to wipe credit card debt“, Kate Chappell, Sept. 24, 2014

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