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July 2017 Archives

Study uncovers high divorce rate among military personnel

Michigan residents may be surprised to learn that what spouses do for a living can influence their chances of remaining married. Researchers from the career information company Zippia used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to track divorce rates among various occupations, and they found that working in the military can be hard on married life. Military jobs took the top three places in Zippia's ranking of occupations with the highest risk of divorce by the age of 30, and first-line enlisted supervisors topped the list with a divorce rate of 30 percent. First-line enlisted supervisors lead and coordinate combat operations.

The downsides of debt consolidation

Michigan residents may believe that a debt consolidation loan may be the answer to their debt issues. However, this is not always the case, and it is possible that debtors may find themselves even deeper in debt after consolidating. This is because consolidating existing debt doesn't address the issue of why a person spent too much money to begin with.

Bankruptcy trustee claims debtor abused the process

Michigan residents who file for bankruptcy can expect to have their finances scrutinized. In a Virginia case of a man who filed for Chapter 7 protection and had two homes, the bankruptcy court found that he had not abused the system despite a challenge from the trustee overseeing his debt discharge.

Immigration status leads to child custody decisions

Michigan residents might have strong feelings about the topic of immigration, but this issue is especially concerning to families who must face the thought of separation when it comes to illegal immigrant parents and their children. Since the election of President Trump, many families have begun selecting guardians who can take care of their offspring in the event that the parents are deported.

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