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Visitation schedules can adapt to family needs

When parents in Michigan make the decision to divorce, they may wonder how they will handle time away from their children. When both parents are accustomed to sharing one home with their kids, adapting to a child custody and visitation schedule can be emotionally and...

Tax debts and bankruptcy

Some Michigan consumers who feel overwhelmed by their financial obligations might consider filing for bankruptcy. Most types of unsecured debt can be discharge, but people should be aware that most tax liabilities cannot be. Generally, it is not possible for a person...

How divorced parents can help children

Divorce can be hard on children, but there are a number of things parents in Michigan can do that will make the transition easier. For example, it is important for parents to talk to children about everything from whether they think they are responsible for the...

Do both spouses have to file for bankruptcy?

Many Michigan residents have started their lives afresh after filing for bankruptcy, and you may be considering joining their ranks, or maybe your spouse is. Whichever scenario you are in, you could be wondering, "Do both spouses have to file?" The answer is no,...