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Ways to defend against a criminal charge

There are many ways in which Michigan residents can choose to defend themselves against a criminal charge. In some cases, it can be best to tell the truth and hope that the jury is sympathetic to that person's story. Of course, it is generally not in an individual's best interest to lie. Therefore, any story told to a jury must be based on the facts in the case.

Racial bias often plays a role in bail decisions

Judges in Michigan and around the country set bail to ensure that criminal defendants will appear to face trial, and remand is generally reserved for individuals who are considered a flight risk or could pose a danger to the general public. These decisions should be based on the character of the defendant and the nature of the crimes they are charged with, but a study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics suggests that judges are often influenced by racial bias and unfounded stereotypes.

Criminal reform may help victims of mistaken identity

Michigan residents may have heard about groups such as the California Innocence Project that aim to help those who have been wrongfully convicted. One man spent eight years in prison for a sex crime before DNA evidence exonerated him. He was convicted because a witness wrongfully pointed him out as the person who committed the act. In many cases, an individual will pick someone out of a lineup who looks vaguely familiar a person they believe committed an offense.

Understanding the changes in Michigan's medical marijuana law

With ever-changing marijuana laws across the country and in Michigan alone, it can be confusing to understand what is legal or illegal. Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan and the law just underwent several changes. A lot of people are wondering how many plants a patient or caregiver can grow.

Criminal defense and the right to a speedy trial

Being arrested can be a worrisome experience. Often, those who are placed under arrest will be unaware of their legal rights. A Michigan person facing trial on a criminal charge has a right to a speedy trial before an impartial jury. This is a guarantee based on the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

New report advises attorneys about law enforcement hacking

Criminal defense attorneys in Michigan have a new resource when confronted with evidence against their clients that was collected during law investigations in which computer users were secretly surveilled. A recent report released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers explains how law enforcement spies on computer users in secret with hacking malware.

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