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How to Financially Prepare for Divorce: 5 Steps

Marriage is supposed to last forever. But sadly, that outcome is rarer than it should be. Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce in the United States. If your marriage is headed toward divorce in Michigan, you should be familiar with the set of steps you need to take to legally get divorced. But […]

Oct 6, 2023
How to Navigate Co-Parenting Disagreements
Family Law

Married couples who are filing for divorce may argue about who gets the dishes or who keeps the dog. But if the couple has children, by far one of the biggest battles in the divorce process concerns child custody. Think about what is best for your child When the Michigan courts consider child custody, they […]

Jun 28, 2023
Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score: The Impact Explained

Are you struggling with debt and considering filing for bankruptcy? Many people hear the term bankruptcy and immediately hesitate, feeling that it will ruin their ability to make large purchases in the future. Worrying about how filing for bankruptcy will affect your credit score is understandable. After all, you are considering your options to make […]

Jun 13, 2023
How Michigan parents can help their kids cope with divorce
Family Law

Concerned parents who are considering divorce should consider how a split will affect their children. Although divorce can be challenging for the whole family, children do have the capacity to be happy following a separation. According to the author of “Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings,” parents should put their […]

Nov 2, 2018
Chapter 7 and the means test 101

Many people do not realize how crippling debt can be until they find themselves dodging phone calls from creditors and ignoring electronic and snail mail demand notices. There is even a misconception that individuals who cannot pay their financial obligations are irresponsible and living beyond their means. While that may be true for some, debt […]

Oct 27, 2018
Credit card debt can become an inescapable trap

Many Michigan residents fall into inescapable debt when they use their credit cards to cover basic expenses after suffering a financial setback. According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, revolving debt in the United States increased by 1.5 percent to $1.037 trillion in July despite a thriving economy and historically low unemployment figures. Consumers sometimes take […]

Oct 24, 2018
Ways to defend against a criminal charge
Criminal Defense

There are many ways in which Michigan residents can choose to defend themselves against a criminal charge. In some cases, it can be best to tell the truth and hope that the jury is sympathetic to that person’s story. Of course, it is generally not in an individual’s best interest to lie. Therefore, any story […]

Oct 16, 2018
Overdue child support and getting a home loan
Family Law

Parents in Michigan who are delinquent in paying child support may find it difficult to obtain a loan to purchase a home. Delinquent child support is classified as a derogatory credit event and can lower the likelihood of getting approved for a loan. However, there are ways parents can address their overdue child support to […]

Oct 10, 2018