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The four types of child support cases
Family Law

Child support programs in Michigan and around the country were established to ensure that children receive the care they need and do not become burdens on the state. Title IV of the 1975 Social Security Act allows the federal government to send states incentive payments to help them enforce child support orders and collect delinquent … Read more

Aug 16, 2018
Student loan debt stresses marital relationships
Family Law

For many young people in Ann Arbor, student loan debt represents a major burden on their financial, personal and social lives. Many millennials have postponed important life milestones like marriage and children because they first want to address mounting educational debt. Student debt has grown across the country and is far greater than in past … Read more

Aug 8, 2018
Racial bias often plays a role in bail decisions
Criminal Defense

Judges in Michigan and around the country set bail to ensure that criminal defendants will appear to face trial, and remand is generally reserved for individuals who are considered a flight risk or could pose a danger to the general public. These decisions should be based on the character of the defendant and the nature … Read more

Aug 1, 2018
Is bankruptcy a good idea if I own my home outright?

Many people work hard for years to pay off their homes. When you paid yours off at long last, you must have felt incredibly proud. Whether your mortgage lasted for 15 years, 30 years or another length, it was too long. You must have often felt like no end was in sight. However, you have since … Read more

Jul 26, 2018
Obtaining a car loan during bankruptcy

Michigan residents who have filed for bankruptcy may be able to get a car loan after doing so. Those who have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be allowed to take on an auto loan during the course of their repayment period. Most who are seeking a car loan during or after a bankruptcy will … Read more

Jul 25, 2018
Financial surprises for women during divorce
Family Law

Women in Michigan should be prepared to face some unsettling financial revelations if they file for divorce. A survey of 1,785 participants showed that 46 percent of the divorced women encountered financial surprises during their divorce. Divorced and divorcing women are likely to be surprised by the total amount of their marital debts and that … Read more

Jul 16, 2018
Co-parenting cooperatively is best for the kids
Family Law

Divorced Michigan parents must learn to deal with the difficulties of a co-parenting arrangement. Co-parenting is easier when both parents commit to maintaining focus on the emotional well-being of their children, understanding the harm that can come from minimizing one another in the eyes of the children, appreciating that the children should have attachments to … Read more

Jul 11, 2018
Female Breadwinners Can Creatively Manage Alimony Responsibility

Female breadwinners in Ann Arbor, Michigan are breaking the glass ceiling, achieving career success and earnings that outpace their male counterparts. As female breadwinners make great strides toward equality, many are coming to grips with the fact that they will be responsible for spousal support at the end of a marriage that may have failed. … Read more

Jul 8, 2018