Cyber Sex Crimes Involving Minors

Cyber Sex Crimes Are Serious

A teenager sends a nude picture of him or herself to a classmate, perhaps a girlfriend or boyfriend. An adult enters and Internet chatroom filled with minors and uses explicit sexual language. People who do these and similar acts are often caught by surprise when they find themselves facing a serious sex crime charge.

Selecting a lawyer who knows how to fight these serious charges is critical to your future. One misstep, even for a juvenile accused of these crimes, could have a serious impact: fines and incarceration, and sex offender registration that can be seen by employers, landlords and colleges. For more than a decade, Marrs & Terry, PLLC has offered knowledgeable counsel to clients throughout Michigan. Contact our law firm online or call 734-663-0555.

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A teenager sending a nude picture of him or herself on the phone via text message is actually considered to be transmitting child pornography, even if that message is intended for a boyfriend or girlfriend of the same age. The person who receives the message can be accused of possessing child pornography. There have been many cases in which nude photos of a student have spread around a school and any number of teens can find themselves facing charges related to the distribution or possession of child porn.

In the juvenile court system, there may be options available for programs that can eliminate the possibility of having a sex crime on a record. We will look at all available options and guide you toward the best method for protecting your future.

Defending Adults Accused Of Cyber Sex Crimes

An adult who goes into a chatroom or exchanges instant messages of a sexually explicit nature with a minor may be charged with a serious crime. The adult may be accused of soliciting a minor for sex. There are ways to defend against these charges. We know the strategies to use to handle even the most challenging situations.

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