Domestic Violence

Experienced Legal Counsel Is Essential Against Accusations Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges are not limited to disputes between husbands and wives. Anyone involved in a domestic dispute who is in some sort of relationship with the other party can face these charges. This includes boyfriends and girlfriends, people in same-sex partnerships, brothers and sisters, even parents and their adult children. These charges also do not require actual violence. They can be brought simply because violence was threatened. No matter what the circumstances, these are serious charges that should be fought with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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Victims Do Not Have To Testify

In many cases, the victim may not want to press charges. Unfortunately, even if the victim refuses to testify, the person facing the charges is still in jeopardy. The police and prosecutors can and often will push forward without the victim’s assistance. If they have some sort of physical evidence, they will take action because they take these charges very seriously. We are here to protect you against the repercussions of these charges.

We Examine The Allegations Against You

It is not uncommon for domestic violence allegations to arise from disputes over child custody or infidelity. One party may accuse the other of abuse in order to get revenge or to get ahead in a child custody battle or a divorce. We will take a close look at allegations. If you were falsely accused, we know the defenses to use to protect you.

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