Sex Crimes

Experienced Representation Against Allegations Of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes, from statutory rape and rape to Internet sex crimes, are extremely serious. The penalties that come with a conviction are life changing. Fines and jail time are certainly part of those penalties, but for many the most dramatic is sex offender registration.

Nearly all sex crimes lead to registration. The sex offender list is public. It cannot be avoided. A person accused of a sex crime who does not register accordingly faces further penalties if caught. The list will be seen by friends, family members, employers, landlords and more, so it is easy to see how many ways registration can have a negative impact on a person’s life.

We Can Help Protect Your Rights

You have the right to work with a lawyer who will protect you, your career, your reputation and your future against the repercussions of a sex offense conviction and sex offender registration. At the law firm of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, we will work directly with you to find a solution and to get you through this. We are dedicated to reaching the best possible outcome. Contact our law firm online or call 734-663-0555.

The Strong Defense You Need Against All Sex Crimes

Our lawyers defend against all sex crime charges, including:

We work hard to have cases dismissed and to have clients found not guilty. In many cases, our aim is to negotiate the crime down to a lesser charge that does not require sex offender registration. We know how to work with prosecutors to facilitate a positive outcome.

Take Action To Protect Your Future. Contact A Lawyer As Soon As Possible.

If you would like to learn more about how we will defend you against these serious charges, contact us online or call 734-663-0555 to discuss your situation with our experienced Jackson and Jackson County sex crimes attorneys.