Sex Offender Registry

Avoid Registering As A Sex Offender

Few legal consequences can alter a life more than inclusion on the sex offender registry. The effects are well known:

  • The need to register, sometimes with more than one agency
  • The need to reregister when you move
  • Difficulty in finding employment and housing
  • The stigma that always accompanies listing with the registry

The best way to avoid being listed on the Michigan sex offender registry is to contact an attorney. By contacting a lawyer, you can quickly learn:

  • Whether you would perhaps qualify for a diversion program
  • Whether you could avoid the registry by participating in counseling and/or treatment

How We Can Help Protect Your Rights

If you face a sex crime charge and have questions regarding Michigan’s sex offender registry, contact the Michigan sex offender registry attorneys of Marrs & Terry, PLLC. Not all sex crimes will qualify for a diversion program, and, if you take a plea, you may still end up listed. We can help.

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