Change in Circumstances

Changing Circumstances Can Change Court Orders

When divorce agreements are created, either through settlement or by court order, they are designed to meet the best interests of both parents and their children. These agreements are not set in stone, however, and as circumstances change, these agreements may need to change as well. In order to seek a change in child support or spousal support, the person seeking to alter the divorce agreement must show that circumstances have changed.

At the law offices of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, our firm has spent more than a decade providing guidance to clients throughout Michigan. Our experienced lawyers can provide a valuable source of advocacy and guidance for those seeking changes to child support orders. In some cases, deviation from the Michigan child support formula may be necessary, and we can advise you about your options.

What Circumstances Qualify For A Modification?

A change in circumstances that could necessitate the modification of an existing divorce order may include:

  • Custodial parent has remarried
  • One parent has changed jobs or has been promoted
  • One parent has lost a job or has experienced a substantial change of income
  • Child’s needs have changed with age
  • Special needs of the child

A parent can only go back for a change in child support every so often and the ability to modify the agreement is dictated by how the judgment is written. Our attorneys will review your case to make sure you are eligible for a change, and if you are, we will help you through the process of requesting a modification.

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