Cohabitation Agreements

Crafting An Effective Cohabitation Agreement

Unmarried couples who live together should speak with an attorney about protecting their rights and their assets. Planning for the future is important and can avoid a lot of costly fights. A well-respected cohabitation agreement lawyer can show you how to protect your property interests, similar to that of a married couple.

At the law firm of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, in Ann Arbor, we understand the issues that can arise between unmarried couples. If you are living together and have questions about drafting a cohabitation agreement, contact our law firm to make an appointment. We will help you design a plan that works for you.

Protect Your Assets

Planning for the future is an excellent way to protect your assets and to create constructive conversations regarding important topics that you and your partner may not have otherwise discussed. There are many rights that married couples have that can be incorporated into your relationship without becoming married. Our sophisticated family law attorneys understand the cohabitation laws and will guide you through all of your options.

Avoid The Challenges Of Dissolving The Relationship

Whether you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple living together, if you should split up, there will undoubtedly be arguments over who owes your creditors and who owns what property. With a solid cohabitation agreement, all of these issues can be resolved prior to any fights breaking out. These contracts can be excellent tools for avoiding future conflicts and building the strength of your relationship.

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