Grandparents’ Rights

Dedicated To Protecting Grandparents’ Rights

The Michigan statute having to do with grandparents’ rights, MCL 227.31, was amended in 2003, making it more difficult for many grandparents to claim parenting time with their grandchildren.

If you are a Michigan grandmother or grandfather seeking quality time with your grandchildren for any reason, we at Marrs & Terry, PLLC, welcome your inquiry. Our extensive experience in family law has given us the confidence and knowledge necessary to help your family resolve issues involving grandparents’ rights through any and all available options.

Contact a family law attorney of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, to schedule a consultation regarding the time for nurturing that you seek with your granddaughter or grandson when the parents are separated, divorced, dysfunctional or incapacitated. Perhaps your son is in Iraq or in jail, and his ex-wife makes it difficult for you to see your grandchildren. Or, perhaps your child has drug abuse issues and you wish to protect your grandchild without losing him or her from the family. You may want to seek a guardianship or any other grandparenting time option.

How Can We Help?

Our family law attorneys have helped many Michiganite grandparents in cases such as these through mediation. Mediating with the parent rather than taking the issue to court may preserve family ties while resolving the immediate problem to the best of our ability.

If your grandparenting matter does need to go to court, we can help you meet the demands of the court. You will need to demonstrate that denying grandparenting time to you and your grandchildren creates a risk of doing harm to a child’s emotional or physical condition.

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