Interference With Visitation

What Happens With Visitation Interference?

If there is a court order that outlines a custody arrangement and/or parenting time, any type of interference with the terms of that order may jeopardize the rights of the interfering parent. This includes negotiated agreements or agreements that have come out of a family court decision.

Interference with visitation may include obvious actions, such as not dropping off children at the agreed upon time or keeping them longer than is outlined in the agreement. It can also include examples such as dropping kids off after not having bathed them and forcing them to be bathed right away; dropping kids off at dinner time without providing lunch; dropping them off at 10 P.M. on a school night; or dropping them off 30 minutes late when you know that there are plans to be somewhere.

If your ex-spouse or ex-partner is interfering with your visitation or custody agreement, it is important that you uphold your rights and protect the best interests of your children. Speak with an experienced Michigan lawyer at Marrs & Terry, PLLC, regarding what options you have and take appropriate steps to enforce your agreement.

Enforcing Court Orders

While there may be an occasion from time to time where a parent does not live up to exact letter of an agreement, if this type of behavior is happening on a regular basis, that is when it is appropriate to get a family lawyer or family court judge involved. Enforcement is not always easy, but when children are pulled into these decisions and could be potentially harmed as a result, it is time to take action.

Preventing interference is another reason why arriving at an amicable custody and visitation agreement is preferable. When parents can agree upon the terms of their agreement, instead of having a judge outline that agreement, they are typically more willing to stick to those terms.

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