Guidance Through The Mediation Process

Divorce is challenging enough simply because of the emotions involved. Many people look at the process of negotiation and trial and become even more frustrated. It is important to understand that the traditional path is not the only path.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. In mediation, both parties are still represented by a lawyer. The difference is that a trained and licensed divorce mediator serves as an intermediary during the negotiation process. The goal is for everyone to work together to reach an outcome that both sides can agree on.

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The Benefits Of Mediation For Your Divorce

The more you fight, the more you pay. That is what happens in a divorce or any other family law case. If the parties cannot agree, a judge decides makes decisions for them about when they will see their children and how their property will be divided. Nobody wants someone they have never met making these kind of decisions. However, it may be difficult for the parties to come to an agreement on their own. That is where mediation comes in.

What you can avoid through mediation is the time and expense of having to take your divorce to trial. Many people also find that this process is less stressful. It can be particularly positive when children are involved, because it helps to maintain some sort of working relationship between mother and father. That relationship could be permanently damaged in trial.

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