Separation Agreements

Crafting A Separation Agreement To Dissolve A Same-Sex Partnership

With the legal recognition of same-sex marriages still an open question in the state of Michigan, the careful crafting of separation agreements is essential to protecting the rights of individuals who are in a committed same-sex relationship. Having a plan in place now can help you avoid the potential costs and heartache of a protracted legal battle in the future.

At the law offices of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, our Ann Arbor same-sex couple separation agreement lawyers understand the unique issues that arise in same-gender partnerships. That is why we are committed to protecting your rights and to helping you enjoy many of the benefits that are conferred on married, heterosexual couples. Contact us online or call toll free at 734-663-0555 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Protect Your Assets And Interests During Separation

The wheels of the legal system turn slowly and it makes little sense to wait for what could be years, if not decades, for full legal recognition of same-sex marriages. Through the use of estate planning and other legal tools, we can help you protect your assets and your interests, while raising important topics of conversation that you and your loved one may have not yet considered.

Should things not work out between you and your partner, we can help you come to a separation agreement that accounts for all of the major issues you are likely to face, including child support and custody issues, and asset and debt division. We can help plan for these potential issues to help you reach a resolution after you have split up. In any case, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that your needs are met.

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We can help preserve your interests at both the beginning of your relationship and at the end. Contact us online or call toll free at 734-663-0555 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.