Unmarried Parents’ Rights

Safeguarding The Rights Of Unmarried Parents

Unmarried parents, both the mother and the father, have rights regarding child custody and child support. The first step toward having those rights recognized is establishing paternity.

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Establishing Paternity

When a couple is married, it is presumed that the husband is also the father. Outside of wedlock, no such presumption is made. The father either has to be included on the birth certificate at the time of birth or paternity needs to be established.

To establish paternity, it is possible for the mother and father simply to acknowledge paternity and sign the appropriate paperwork. A paternity DNA test may be necessary or recommended in some situations. It is possible for this test to be ordered by the court. While paternity is being established, we will assist with temporary child custody and child support orders.

Unwed Parents Have Rights

The key reasons for establishing paternity are typically child custody and child support. Fathers have the right to be involved in the lives of their children. Mothers have the right to expect child support payments from fathers.

We will work with you to achieve child support arrangements that make sense for you and child support orders that follow the Michigan child support guidelines as appropriate.

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