Who Gets What

Guidance Through Estate Administration

After a loved one passes away, questions about dividing the estate and who gets what are common. If there is a will that outlines the beneficiaries to the estate and how assets should be distributed, the personal representative of the estate will carry out those instructions. If there is no will, the decisions about who gets what may be more complicated, and the state of Michigan may decide where assets will go.

At the law firm of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, in Ann Arbor, our experienced lawyers can advise you about your rights and guide your expectations about what is likely to happen in the administration of the estate. If you are the personal representative of the estate, we can help you carry out any fiduciary duties that you have and help you complete the process as efficiently as possible.

What Can You Do After The Loss Of A Loved One?

Understanding the steps to take after the death of a loved one can make a significant difference in how the deceased’s estate will be handled by the courts, creditors and even family members. This includes whom to contact, what to do and what not to do upon the death of a loved one.

A key goal for any family is avoiding the cost, delay, publicity and court involvement of a probate proceeding. Whether your family will need to go through the probate process will depend not only upon the deceased person’s estate plan, but how the plan is implemented.

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