Will Contests and Preventing Will Contests

Overcoming The Challenges Of Will Contests

Even if they have the best of intentions, an individual’s last will and testament may become the cause of disputes and litigation. Heirs and beneficiaries may contest a wide range of issues arising from a will, even a properly drafted will.

At the law firm of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, our Michigan attorneys counsel and represent clients in will contests. We will give you an understanding of your options, including the costs and benefits of litigation. Clients in these matters include heirs, family members who were excluded from a will and nonprofit organizations seeking a promised bequest.

Why Is The Will Contested?

Wills can be contested for a variety of reasons. Our attorneys have handled cases arising from circumstances such as these:

  • Will cannot be located
  • An heir is disinherited or otherwise has disappointed expectations
  • The signature on the will is a forgery
  • Will was executed and signed by someone without the capacity to do so
  • Will was a product of undue influence from someone who benefits to the exclusion of other heirs
  • Will was a product of coercion by a person who would benefit from the will
  • The language of the will is ambiguous

The firm will gather the appropriate medical records, consult with experts and depose witnesses to argue that a disputed will should be considered valid or invalid. It is important to have a very strong case in will contests, as the court demands a high burden of proof to change a will. The firm has the experience and resources to bring or defend these cases effectively.

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