Protecting Your Rights Through Collection Disputes

Collection disputes can be frustrating for parties on either side of a disagreement. For the party that hasn’t been paid, the funds may be needed and deserved, and the lack of payment may lead to serious financial or cash flow challenges. For the party accused of not paying, a lack of funds, an accounting error or dissatisfaction regarding services performed or goods received may all factor in.

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If you or your business is involved in a collections dispute, contact the Ann Arbor debt settlement assistance lawyers of Marrs & Terry, PLLC. Our attorneys have extensive experience in:

  • Drafting demand letters to commercial businesses and to individuals
  • Resolving issues which commonly lead to collections issues, including alleged breaches of contracts, quality of work disputes and completion of work disputes
  • Resolving errors such as is the debt really owed? Was it already paid?
  • Assisting clients through the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy processes when debt becomes overwhelming and owed debts are unpayable

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We are highly experienced in all aspects of collections disputes, from bankruptcy proceedings to civil litigation in small claims courts and district and circuit courts. Our collections dispute clients range from independent contractors and the self employed to large-scale businesses throughout southeast Michigan.

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