District Court Versus Circuit Court

District Court Versus Circuit Court

Helping You Understand Your Legal Options in Michigan

Fact: The court system is confusing. It can be very difficult to obtain an even rudimentary understanding of how it works. Navigating the court system and protecting your rights through the legal process can be almost impossible without experienced and knowledgeable legal help.

The trial attorneys of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, resolve legal issues in a broad range of courts, including court, small claims court, district court and circuit court. We have served the communities of southeast Michigan since 1999 and have handled thousands of legal issues. One challenge our civil clients often face is confusion regarding the differences between district courts and circuit courts. Below you will find some key differences that may help you better understand your legal options:

  • The court in which your case will be handled will depend on the amount of money in dispute. Cases involving $25,000 or more are resolved in circuit court. Cases involving less than $25,000 are resolved in district court. Also, cases involving less than $5,000 are resolved in small claims court.
  • Penalties (i.e. civil damages) in circuit court are higher.

Contrary to common opinion, there is no advantage to handling a case in district court versus circuit court, and most types of civil disputes can be handled in either. Medical malpractice, personal injuries and no fault are exceptions; they are handled in different courts.

Our Ann Arbor lawyer team has extensive experience in both district court and circuit court and our team includes an attorney who clerked for a district court judge. To discuss the resolution of your civil dispute in Michigan, please contact us at 734-663-0555.