Property Disputes

Facing A Property Dispute? We Can Help.

Property disputes are confusing. What are my rights? What options do I have? What behavior on the part of a neighbor is illegal and what is merely bothersome?

The Michigan, property disputes attorneys of Marrs & Terry, PLLC, have assisted property owners to resolve conflicts and challenges since 1999. Property-related cases we often handle include:

  • Property line disputes
  • Nuisance issues, including noisy neighbors, barking dogs, fence and view issues and issues that negatively affect property values
  • Disputes and challenges that arise when a same-sex couple splits up and needs to end a joint tenancy
  • Disputes and challenges that arise when siblings, unmarried couples and others need to execute a participation action or otherwise handle jointly owned property
  • Zoning issues and zoning disputes

Representation You Can Rely On

Our experienced and qualified attorneys include a member of the board of directors of the Washtenaw Bar Association, and we have handled dozens of civil disputes. In addition to property disputes, we handle breaches of contracts and small claims court cases. Our effectiveness in handling civil disputes is illustrated by our clients’ satisfaction; many of our cases come to us via referral. To us, nothing demonstrates success like a client who says, “You made such a positive difference in my friend or family member’s life that they insisted I retain you as my attorney.”

Get Over A Decade Of Experience On Your Side

For more information and to schedule a consultation regarding your rights in property disputes, contact us at 734-663-0555.