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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Co-parenting cooperatively is best for the kids

Divorced Michigan parents must learn to deal with the difficulties of a co-parenting arrangement. Co-parenting is easier when both parents commit to maintaining focus on the emotional well-being of their children, understanding the harm that can come from minimizing one another in the eyes of the children, appreciating that the children should have attachments to both parents and valuing the relationship with both of them.

Divorcees may have less when it comes time to retire

The National Retirement Risk Index was created in 2006 by the Center for Retirement Research in order to measure the percentage of households that are at-risk of a lower standard of living after retirement. Michigan residents who are approaching divorce might want to know that the risk of a lower standard of living is 7 percent higher for divorced people. Individuals usually must deal with higher costs of living per person because marriage allows for certain economies of scale.

How disability can impact child support payments

Disability can change a Michigan family's life significantly, especially if a newly impaired parent's income was the basis for child support payments. Because disability can significantly affect a person's ability to work, it can often be accompanied by a sharp reduction in income. This can impact a parent's ability to meet their child support obligations.

Female Breadwinners Can Creatively Manage Alimony Responsibility

Female breadwinners in Ann Arbor, Michigan are breaking the glass ceiling, achieving career success and earnings that outpace their male counterparts. As female breadwinners make great strides toward equality, many are coming to grips with the fact that they will be responsible for spousal support at the end of a marriage that may have failed.

Child support outcomes can vary greatly

The child support situation can vary greatly for people in Michigan and across the United States depending on the financial circumstances of both parents and the specific needs of a child. When people are considering divorce, child support can be a major financial factor to think about in planning for the future. In addition, many parents, especially those who were never married, deal with child support issues differently.

Changing gender roles can impact divorce decisions

For couples in Michigan, shifting views of gender roles can lead to stresses on a marriage. Many couples are forming marriages built on a basis of gender equality and mutual achievement in the workplace, but many others marry with presumptions about traditional gender roles. For example, they may assume that the husband will be a breadwinner and that the wife will put most of her time and energy into caring for the children and the home. Research indicates that shifts in perception around gender can undermine a marital relationship.

How joint legal custody may work for some families

When Michigan parents get a divorce, they must decide who will get custody of the children. Legal custody refers to who has the right to make major decisions about such issues in the child's life as religion, education and medical care. Parents might share legal custody even if only one has physical custody and the other has visitation rights.

Visitation schedules can adapt to family needs

When parents in Michigan make the decision to divorce, they may wonder how they will handle time away from their children. When both parents are accustomed to sharing one home with their kids, adapting to a child custody and visitation schedule can be emotionally and logistically difficult. The logistical elements can be intensified when parents have work schedules that may conflict with a more traditional visitation plan. Parents' employment can be critical for the well-being and support of the children, so developing creative plans that suit the needs of an individual family can be particularly important.

How divorced parents can help children

Divorce can be hard on children, but there are a number of things parents in Michigan can do that will make the transition easier. For example, it is important for parents to talk to children about everything from whether they think they are responsible for the breakup to encouraging the child's relationship with the other parent. If the child is speaking negatively about the other parent, there should be a conversation about this as well although parents should withhold their opinions.

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