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3 Halloween co-parenting tips

October is here, which means it is almost time for Halloween. If you recently divorced and have a parenting plan, you might be wondering how to handle this holiday. Holidays come with unique challenges for divorced parents. Who will take the kids trick or treating? 

Fear not! Candy night does not have to be a nightmare. Here are a few tips for making the best out of Halloween and ensuring your children are happy. 

1. Prepare now

Do not let there be any frightening visitation surprises on October 31st. Start communicating with your ex now about the holiday. Does your current parenting plan say anything about Halloween? Do you need to adjust the schedule? Work out the details now and keep communicating healthily with the other parent. 

2. Come to a decision

There are plenty of ways you can celebrate Halloween. For example, you and your ex can split the night if you both live in separate neighborhoods. If you and your ex are on especially good terms, you might even consider strolling along with your kids together. You could even divide the holiday into separate days. One parent can carve pumpkins with the kids on October 30th while the other one takes them trick or treating. Keep your options open and decide what will be best. 

3. Remain flexible

The key to co-parenting is doing what is best for your children. You must stay flexible in order to minimize conflict and make sure things go smoothly. According to Safer America, it is important that you set your ego aside when it comes to co-parenting during Halloween. It might be tempting to argue about costumes and curfews, but do your best to stay calm and reasonable. After all, all your kids want are supportive parents and yummy candy!  

Halloween should be fun no matter what. If you make an effort, you can co-parent on this holiday successfully.