What Do I Do if I Have Been Sued?

Bankruptcy Can Protect You From Creditor Lawsuits

If you receive notice of a creditor lawsuit, contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Many people panic or simply ignore the lawsuit, which only ends up making matters worse. Even if you know that you owe the money you are being sued for, an experienced lawyer will be able to explore your options and guide you toward an outcome that will be much better than the one you will encounter if you simply ignore the lawsuit.

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What Happens If You Ignore The Lawsuit?

Ignoring the lawsuit does not make it go away. If you ignore it, you allow your creditor to get a judgment against you. Your creditor will then be able to get the power to collect on that judgment by garnishing your bank account and garnishing your wages, which will only serve to make matters worse as you strain to appease other creditors.

You may think that you have no recourse, but you do. There are options, and our experienced lawyers can help you take advantage of them.

What Options Are Available?

In some cases, it may make sense to fight the lawsuit. In others, we can negotiate a settlement that may be substantially less than the judgment that you would have against you if you simply ignored the lawsuit.

In many cases, bankruptcy is the right option. In the short-term, it stops creditor lawsuits. In the long-term, it helps you overcome the debts that led to the lawsuit. We will carefully analyze your case to determine if filing bankruptcy makes sense for you.

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