Prevent Wage Garnishment

Getting Money Back From Wage Garnishment

Having your wages garnished is distressing and frightening. At the first hint of wage garnishment due to unpaid debt, consider yourself on notice that you are a likely candidate for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We at Marrs & Terry, PLLC, strongly encourage you to contact a Michigan bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible once wage garnishment has begun or if you hear that it is going to take place. Take the time you need to do some comparison-shopping before choosing a lawyer. Get second opinions if you wish ― but you have little time to lose once wage garnishments have begun.

At Marrs & Terry, PLLC, we are confident that you will find our personable, hands-on approach to bankruptcy law practice helpful in guiding you through your bankruptcy options. Our attorneys are experienced, well-qualified and attentive to finding creative solutions.

Get your life back on track swiftly and decisively. Our bankruptcy attorneys are knowledgeable and qualified to help stop wage garnishment for our Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients. We have, in fact, helped many clients get money back that had been taken from their paychecks through wage garnishment. Funds that have been garnished in the 90 days prior to filing may be recovered.

Stop Wage Garnishment Through Bankruptcy

The key thing to remember about wage garnishment is that bankruptcy is the most likely way to resolution of the problem. No one can live for long in a state of financial uncertainty. Call or e-mail Marrs & Terry, PLLC, to get started now:

  • Seek and find true debt relief
  • Get a fresh start
  • Stop garnishments and seizures of property
  • Position yourself to rebound and rebuild your credit

If bankruptcy is the solution to your financial troubles, the sooner you get started, the greater overall relief you have available to you. Calling a bankruptcy lawyer is an important first step. We welcome your call. You will be pleased to find that we are ready to act as your advocates ― not your judges. How you got into your financial difficulties matters less at this point than how you will move forward to a new position of strength in money matters.

Do Not Wait. Contact Us Today To Reclaim Your Funds.

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