Buying A House, Car Or Boat After Bankruptcy

Common Questions About Filing Bankruptcy

Americans are experiencing a transition regarding how they perceive bankruptcy. Just several years ago, bankruptcy was viewed as a terrible, disastrous and shameful occurrence. Now it is widely viewed as a fair chance to rebuild an individual’s or family’s future.

Yet confusion remains regarding the full and actual effects of bankruptcy. Common questions we hear from people considering bankruptcy include:

  • Can I buy a house and when?
  • How will my credit be affected?
  • Will I be barred from buying a car or other important items?
  • How do I weigh the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy?

The answer to these questions is, not unexpectedly, “It depends.” Yet a few generalities usually apply.

For instance, our clients are usually able to finance a car within about two years after filing for bankruptcy and are usually able to finance a home within about three years. These timelines vary by individuals’ financial circumstances.

Credit score changes also vary by person. Often, though, clients facing debt issues already have low or very low scores. Others are paying thousands of dollars in interest annually and face a lifetime of debt issues, all in an effort to keep their credit score high.

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