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Can You File for Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse Knowing in Michigan?

Filing for bankruptcy in Michigan without your spouse knowing is technically possible. Preventing your spouse from learning about your bankruptcy through your mail, your credit report, and the bankruptcy’s impact on joint assets may be difficult. For a detailed discussion about your specific bankruptcy, contact the bankruptcy lawyers of Marrs & Terry, PLLC. We’ll evaluate […]

Jul 11, 2024
What Are the Exemptions for Bankruptcy in Michigan?

If you face overwhelming debt, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy to remove this burden and get a fresh start. Bankruptcy can relieve many types of debt, but it’s important to understand that not all property is exempt from the bankruptcy process. However, in Michigan, certain exemptions allow you to protect some of your assets during bankruptcy proceedings. […]

May 23, 2024
How Much Debt Is Worth Filing for Bankruptcy?

Few experiences are more stressful and overwhelming than having a significant amount of debt and not knowing how you will repay it. At some point, most people in such a situation begin wondering whether filing for bankruptcy might be their best option. However, it is not always clear whether the amount of debt you have justifies taking […]

May 21, 2024
Do I Need a Lawyer to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Michigan?

If you are experiencing financial problems, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy in Michigan. In addition, you may be thinking about filing without an attorney to save money – after all, if you are considering bankruptcy, there is a good chance that you want to cut costs wherever possible. It is always in your […]

Apr 1, 2024
Can I File for Bankruptcy on My Own in Michigan?

Yes – you can file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy without an attorney in Michigan. However, given the complexities of the bankruptcy process, it is best to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. If you are considering bankruptcy, you probably feel the stress and uncertainties of financial instability. Let an attorney from Marrs & Terry, PLLC, […]

Mar 21, 2024
What Is the Average Cost of Bankruptcy in Michigan?

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Michigan, it is understandable to be worried about the actual expenses involved. Finding extra money for these fees is a challenging task if you are already struggling to make ends meet. Here is what you need to know about what you can expect to pay when going […]

Mar 18, 2024
Is there an Income Limit for Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Michigan?

Debtors who want a clean slate from extensive debt may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, the law restricts eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to debtors whose income falls below certain thresholds. What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? The Bankruptcy Code provides several mechanisms for resolving debts, including Chapter 7. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also called […]

Mar 5, 2024
How an Attorney Can Help With Foreclosure

With housing and rent prices continuing to increase, the thought of foreclosure hits a little too close to home for many. Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner gets behind on their mortgage payments and the lender takes over the property and sells it to regain the debt they are owed. The process of a foreclosure can be […]

Feb 8, 2024