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Ways to prepare for divorce

Family law attorneys in Michigan and around the country report a spike in calls about divorce following summer vacation and the holiday season. It seems that people who have been undecided about their marriage up to that point may have made a final effort to save it and failed if the holidays or vacation were unpleasant. People can make preparations for divorce even if they are still undecided about moving ahead with it.

Organizing finances is important. People may want to pull their own credit reports and gather information such as tax returns, bank statements, end-of-year pay stubs and credit card bills. They may also want to begin thinking about how they engage on social media. Information shared there could be brought up in the divorce. People who do not wish to disengage entirely from social media should still keep their updates light and unrelated to their marital situation.

It may be better to turn to friends and family in real life rather than social media for support. A therapist or even a new gym membership can be helpful for self-care. People can also begin learning about divorce laws in Michigan. They should also think about what their goals and hopes are for life after the divorce.

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult experience. However, people still must think about what is best for their children and their own financial stability during this time. Working with an attorney to articulate goals and expectations before going into negotiations can be helpful. People may realize there are certain issues they are more or less willing to compromise on. In child custody cases, judges make decisions using the best interests of the child as criteria, and parents should try to stay focused on this as well.