Debt Discharge

Understanding Debt Discharge And Bankruptcy

One question that people have when they are considering filing for bankruptcy is “Will bankruptcy eliminate all of my debt?” The answer, of course, depends on the specific situation and the type of bankruptcy filed.

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Secured Debt Vs. Unsecured Debt: How Do They Work?

Different types of debt are treated differently in bankruptcy. For example, secured debt may be more difficult to deal with. If you want to keep the item that secures it, such as your home or your car, the debt cannot be discharged. If you want to surrender the item, the debt can be discharged. Almost all unsecured debt can be easily eliminated in bankruptcy.

Not all unsecured debt is treated equally, however. While credit card debt is typically not a problem to discharge, student loan debt can rarely be discharged. We will closely and thoroughly examine your debt, guiding you toward the best possible outcome.

When Does Debt Discharge Occur?

Most of our clients come to us after having struggled with debt for a significant period of time. They often want to know not only whether they can discharge their debt, but how soon they can get free of what they owe. This answer depends on the type of bankruptcy filed.

In Chapter 7, debt discharge can occur within a matter of months. Because Chapter 13 involves a debt repayment plan, discharge does not occur until the plan is finished, which is typically three to five years.

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