What is the Automatic Stay?

The Automatic Stay Gives You The Break You Deserve

One of the most powerful aspects of the bankruptcy process is one of the least well-known: the automatic stay. This is what gives bankruptcy its immediate impact. This is what makes bankruptcy such an important option for people who have stopped answering the phone for fear of further creditor harassment and who do not even bother to open their mail anymore.

When you file bankruptcy, the automatic stay will immediately take effect. It will make such a massive difference in how you live your life that you will wish you would have taken this step sooner. Of course, this step should not be taken without careful consideration and the assistance of an experienced lawyer. For more than a decade, Marrs & Terry, PLLC has offered individualized counsel and legal representation to thousands of people throughout Michigan. Contact our law firm online or call 734-663-0555 so we can thoroughly review your case and help you determine if filing bankruptcy is the right step for you.

How Does The Automatic Stay Work?

When the automatic stay goes into place, you will be able to breathe easy for the first time in a long time. This is because the automatic stay puts an immediate stop to:

If creditors do not get the message, all you will have to do is give them your case number and they must stop contacting you. Whether foreclosure was a vague threat or you are days from losing your house, the automatic stay puts a stop to it. All creditor actions must stop.

Without having to worry about the harassment, you will be able to work with us to move forward toward a future that is free of these financial problems.

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