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How an Attorney Can Help With Foreclosure

With housing and rent prices continuing to increase, the thought of foreclosure hits a little too close to home for many. Foreclosure occurs when a homeowner gets behind on their mortgage payments and the lender takes over the property and sells it to regain the debt they are owed. The process of a foreclosure can be difficult and stressful to manage; therefore it is helpful to have an attorney on your side.

What Can an Attorney Do?

A foreclosure attorney can manage all the legal aspects of the foreclosure such as handling court proceedings and mortgage company negotiations. An attorney will know what the next steps are, as well as how to defend your rights. An attorney will typically begin with a consultation to learn about your situation and explain to you how they would approach it. They may also discuss your options with you and review any paperwork available. Be sure to discuss with your attorney anything you are confused or worried about, they are here to help you.

Why Does it Make Sense to Hire an Attorney?

A foreclosure can be extremely stressful and confusing. An attorney can help to mitigate some of these feelings and ease your mind. An attorney can help you determine if you have a valid defense to prevent the foreclosure and navigate the process for keeping you in your home. Although some foreclosures can be managed without the assistance of an attorney, it is always helpful to have one to ensure that you receive the most favorable – and timely – outcome available. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of having an attorney helping you prevent foreclosure.