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Building a divorce support team

For Michigan residents and others, getting a divorce can be both emotionally and financially draining. To increase the odds of recovering both financially and emotionally from a divorce, it may be a good idea to lean on a support system. In most cases, this will include friends, family and an attorney. It also may include a trusted CPA or other financial professionals. Those who lack a team of professionals may be best served by assembling one before getting divorced.

Ideally, a person will interview multiple attorneys and conduct second interviews with his or her preferred choices prior to hiring someone. Friends, family or other social contacts may provide references. The person chosen to represent an individual should have experience with complex cases while having the ability to communicate. In addition to an attorney and financial advisor that are well versed in divorce matters, it may be worthwhile to seek out the services of a therapist.

Those who are considering a divorce should consider how it may impact them financially. At a minimum, a person will likely need to gather financial paperwork as part of the divorce settlement process. This information may help someone learn more about his or her current expenses and how to budget for future needs on what could be a drastically different budget.

The end of a marriage may have a significant impact on a person’s life. It may alter his or her finances and relationships with his or her children and could take some time to get over emotionally. Talking with an attorney may make it easier for a person to learn more about how a divorce works and how to potentially obtain a favorable outcome. If an individual has a prenuptial or other agreement with a spouse, it may determine how portions of the divorce are settled.