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Certain professions have higher divorce rates

The national divorce rate average hovers around 35 percent of all marriages. However, a study using 2015 data from the American Community Survey suggests that some married couples in Michigan are more likely to get divorced than others. One factor that plays a significant role in determining whether a couple stays together is the spouses’ occupations.

The recent study found that people whose jobs require extensive travel or nighttime hours are more likely to get divorced. Physicians, scientists and software developers are among those with the lowest divorce rates. There are a few reasons why nightclub and casino workers tend to consult a family law attorney more often.

Doctors, actuaries and computer scientists tend to earn much higher salaries than bartenders, truck drivers and flight attendants. It’s also easier for them to take time off of work if a child gets sick or emergency occurs. Couples with more money and more flexibility may have less overall stress and be able to resolve minor disagreements without leading to divorce. They may also have the time and flexibility to explore counseling or mediation to solve problems before they get so serious they want to end the marriage.

Those who work in occupations that are at a high risk for divorce may be interested in the options available if they choose to end their marriages. A divorce lawyer could discuss the ways assets, including real estate and retirement accounts, may be divided in a separation agreement. Consulting with an attorney could give an unhappy spouse the information they need to make a decision about the next step to take in their relationship.