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Deciding whether to stay or to leave when children are involved

People in Michigan who are struggling with whether or not they should try to stay married for the sake of their children should think about several things. There are reasons that might support going ahead with divorces and others that might warrant further consideration.

When people are in marriages that are abusive, there is no question that they would be better off getting divorced. People who remain in such situations should realize that abuse often escalates, and both they and their children may be in danger if they stay. Others who are not in abusive marriages but who fight constantly with their spouses might also want to go ahead and file for divorce. Children may be better off when they are not constantly witnessing their parents’ fights. People who have gotten to the point that they simply do not like their spouses and are very unhappy might also be want to go ahead and get divorced. Their children might be better off if they can enjoy two happy homes instead of a single home in which their parents are unhappy.

There are also several reasons why couples might want to consider staying together. In some cases, the couples may not be able to afford to live separately. Financial considerations may make them want to stay together until they are better off. Others may believe that they can work to rebuild their marriages. If they have not yet put in the work to try to do so, it may be worth the effort.

When people decide that getting divorced is the best option, they might want to consult with experienced family law attorneys. With a lawyer’s help, a person might be able to enjoy a smoother divorce process and less emotional conflict. It may be possible to negotiate agreements that help the divorce to end sooner.