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Divorce can be a positive choice for some couples

Michigan couples may look avidly for a way to avoid a divorce and repair a marriage that is no longer intact. In some cases, the partners are parents and want to preserve a shared home for their children. In other cases, they may simply be dedicated to counseling or making changes in order to keep a commitment that they intended to last for life. These changes can make a real difference for many couples, who then go on to find renewed happiness in their marriage. However, for others, divorce may be the easier and happier option for both partners’ future happiness and romantic success.

Worries about the specter of a “failed marriage” may make couples resist a split even when both have become discouraged from seeking to preserve the relationship. However, a relationship that taught lessons and benefited a person, even through ending it, is not actually a failure. Another factor can be a fear of social pressure or criticism over the divorce, although this has changed rapidly over the years. Any relationship can be a stage of life that sparks development and change rather than being stuck in an unhappy past.

Any split can cause emotional pain and difficult circumstances for the people involved as well as those close to them. But ending a marriage earlier, before resentment or harsh feelings have set in, may help partners to move on more quickly as well as to provide a more positive emotional environment for family and friends.

It can also help to moderate the anger or harsh feelings that can emerge after a divorce, because the partners are less likely to feel that they have wasted time in the relationship. Family law attorneys can often help even the most amicable of divorcing couples to sort out their issues and develop an agreement for division of assets, child custody or other issues of concern.