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Changing gender roles can impact divorce decisions

For couples in Michigan, shifting views of gender roles can lead to stresses on a marriage. Many couples are forming marriages built on a basis of gender equality and mutual achievement in the workplace, but many others marry with presumptions about traditional gender roles. For example, they may assume that the husband will be a breadwinner and that the wife will put most of her time and energy into caring for the children and the home. Research indicates that shifts in perception around gender can undermine a marital relationship.

A Swedish study pointed out that women whose careers suddenly advance after years as homemakers or the lower-earning partner may be at greater risk of divorce. There are a number of reasons why this could be the case. When a marriage was founded on the basis of traditional gender roles, it can be difficult for spouses to perceive their relationship in a new light as the demands for their time change.

It can be difficult for husbands accustomed to traditional gender roles to understand their wives’ new interest in career, especially after the children have grown or entered school. Some husbands who prided themselves and based their identity on being the breadwinner can feel threatened by their wives’ career success and may become controlling or uninterested in their own work.

People who have grown apart and need to change their lives may find that a divorce is the best solution to a marriage that has grown unbearably difficult. A family law attorney may advocate for a divorcing spouse and help them achieve a fair settlement to major issues like asset division, child custody and spousal support.