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Ways to defend against a criminal charge

There are many ways in which Michigan residents can choose to defend themselves against a criminal charge. In some cases, it can be best to tell the truth and hope that the jury is sympathetic to that person’s story. Of course, it is generally not in an individual’s best interest to lie. Therefore, any story told to a jury must be based on the facts in the case.

As a general rule, the type of defense that an attorney chooses to create will be based only partially on the facts in the case. Typically, an attorney will also need to take into account what the prosecutor is likely to do in the case. It is also possible that legal counsel will take popular sentiment into account when developing a defense strategy. For example, if the police are unpopular in a given area, an attorney may use that to a defendant’s advantage.

A defense strategy may involve claiming that the police used weak evidence to take a person into custody. Challenging the credibility of a witness could also help create doubt that a defendant committed the crime he or she is alleged to have perpetrated. Furthermore, an attorney may coach a client as to what a prosecutor may do to help that person get ready for trial.

Individuals who are convicted of crimes may face many penalties such as incarceration or fines. However, an attorney may help them get a favorable outcome to their case. This may mean obtaining an acquittal or having a case dismissed outright. It may also mean negotiating a favorable plea agreement with the prosecutor.