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Divorce in January

Michigan couples who file for divorce in January are not alone. While researchers at the University of Washington have determined that March and August are the two most popular months for divorces, a significant increase in filings tend to happen immediately after the new year begins.

Many legal practitioners attribute the trend to the idea that couples would rather not get divorced over the holidays. For couples who have begun to entertain the idea of divorce ahead of the holidays, they tend to remain married for the rest of the year so that there can be a final holiday season with the family intact before the divorce. This is particularly true for couples who have children.

Because the month of January is associated with making resolutions plans for the rest of year, it may be wise for couples to use that time to reassess the state of their marriage. According to one divorce attorney, individuals tend to be emotional during the holidays, and for those who are frustrated or not content in their marriage, the holidays may exacerbate those feelings.

In contrast, other couples may allow the abundance of merriment, happy music and holiday decorations to convince them that they should take another chance on their marriage. However, when the new year arrives and the joyful holiday season is gone, the reality of their situation may become unavoidable.

Individuals who decide to get a divorce may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. The attorney may advise clients of which legal avenues should be pursued to obtain the divorce settlement terms the clients desire. The attorney might engage in litigation to protect the interests and rights of clients who are seeking to resolve disputes regarding a variety of divorce legal matters, such as property division or alimony.